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London: 020 7247 7190 Manchester: 0161 850 4095 Preston: 01772 369 450 Birmingham: 0121 728 6518

Same day Settlement Advice

Your employer may have offered you a Settlement Agreement, in which case, you will need independent legal advice. The document can seem quite complicated, but we can explain it to you in clear terms and answer any questions you may have.

We offer a ‘fixed fee’ service and your employer will pay it. If you email the agreement we will start work right away.

It is a legal requirement that you obtain independent legal advice on the contents of the settlement agreement, and your legal adviser can make sure it is a fair offer.

If you have been offered a settlement agreement, speak to our specialist solicitors. We will guide you through the process and ensure that you get the best offer for your circumstances.

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Terms of a Settlement Agreement

What is included in a settlement agreement will vary depending on the circumstances. However, the standard terms are:

Details of the dispute and the rights you are waiving

The agreement will normally prevent you from bringing any claims in an Employment Tribunal. You will still be able to bring a claim for pension or personal injury related issues.

Termination payment

In return for giving up the right to bring a claim before an employment tribunal, you will receive a termination payment. Details of the payment including the amount, when the payment will be made and any tax-related issues will be included in the agreement. This can be paid tax free up to £30,000.

Other payments

This may include: payment of notice, holiday pay and payments of other benefits up to the last day.

Termination date

The agreement will state your last date of employment and whether you are working your notice or being ‘in lieu’ (instead) of working it. When you are paid in lieu, your leaving date will be brought forward and you will be entitled to work the day after the termination date.

When there is a gap between signing the agreement, and leaving (for example if you are working on a handover project or serving your notice) your employer may well ask for a second certificate to be signed just before you leave and we will do with this within the fixed fee. We can have a look at your contract of employment to check this.

Non-compete, confidentiality, reputation protection and employee warranties

Your employer will want to ensure that their business is protected and so will include the clauses which continue after you leave. These normally relate to confidential information, reputations and poaching of clients or staff for a fixed period. The compensation payment is linked to this so it is important that you keep to this.

Practical steps

The agreement may also include details of the handover process and any practical steps involved in enacting the agreement. Your employer will normally confirm the reference it will provide.
Large employers tend to offer a standard reference and you may want to back that up with a personal reference from someone who knows you at work, such as a line manager.

All we need is the agreement, your contract of employment and a contact number.

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