London: 020 7247 7190 Manchester: 0161 883 1255 Preston: 01772 369 450 Birmingham: 0121 663 1191
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London: 020 7247 7190 Manchester: 0161 883 1255 Preston: 01772 369 450 Birmingham: 0121 663 1191

Settlement Agreements are simply a contract between employer and employer to wrap up payments, handover and other issues on termination of employment. Employees must have independent legal advice from an appropriately qualified person which includes practising solicitors.

All we need is a copy of the agreement and your phone number and we can help by return.

Settlements can be used with existing employees but usually there is a dismissal or resignation at least this is under consideration. Once an employee has signed an agreement they cannot bring an employment tribunal claim.

Settlement Agreements are typically used in redundancy situations.

Whilst leaving a job can be very stressful, Settlement Agreements do offer peace of mind. The main benefits are:

  • Compensation is tax free up to £30,000
  • Your employer pays for the legal advice
  • No litigation risk or uncertainty
  • All the rights and obligations are in one document
  • Protection of reputations and references

Employees who have left under agreed terms do tend to find it much easier to find another job.

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