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Dignity at Work

2- hour Training- £500 plus vat- In person or via TEAMS

  • Includes helpful notes/guidance
  • Break-off session for managers

Most workers want a dignified workplace just as much as managers but, given round the clock communications and normal pressures, upsets can spill into disputes and grievances, staff turnover and even tribunal claims. Disruptions need to be kept to an absolute minimum; workers need to understand the standards required of them and managers need to be able to assert standards/instructions without the risk of legal challenges.

Employers who train their team on these issues will benefit from better productivity but if a dispute does happen, training can be an excellent defence. Under the ‘Reasonable Steps’ defence for example, an employer can assert that it is not liable for discrimination because it has trained staff not to engage in it. Training also draws a line under old habits and stops endless comparisons.

Where an issue gets out of hand, staff need to know how to raise concerns safely and sensibly. If they don’t, having been trained on the procedures, they may find it more difficult to bring historic or exaggerated claims to tribunal.

There’s no specific law on Dignity at Work so I have brought together user-friendly guidance from the main areas: Discrimination, Constructive Dismissal & Whistleblowing.  

The course includes case studies from situations I have dealt with.

Course content:

  • Dignity and productivity- following reasonable management instructions
  • Introducing Employment Law- sources of law and guidance
  • The ACAS Code (1)- dealing with concerns responsibly
  • Discrimination law explained- what to do/not to do
  • Implied terms in employment contracts/Trust and Confidence- examples of breaches
  • Communications- emails/W/app/Calls- what’s not acceptable
  • Grievances & complaints
  • The role of line managers

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