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Gordon Turner

Speaking about Settlement Agreements

I’ve been advising employees for over 30 years on Settlement Agreements and on the back of this I can definitely say there are ways to speak about compromise and ways NOT to!

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Settlement Agreements - the Basics

What is a Settlement Agreement?

When you’re offered a Settlement Agreement there’s probably a lot on your mind: paying the bills; Cost of Living…the job market not least what to say to your family.

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Negotiating a Settlement Agreement

With Settlement Agreement negotiations people can be influenced by unhelpful material- from friends or the Internet. For example, a recent search on the term: how much should I ask for in a settlement? brought up an article beginning… As a general rule ask for 75% to 100% higher than you would actually be satisfied with.

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Settling a dispute - the power of ‘boring’

I’ve recently settled a 4-day pregnancy discrimination case due for hearing later this year. A careful review of the myriad of documents relating to the dispute threw up a key point in the chronology of events, resulting in a straightforward settlement of the dispute.

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Always look on the bright side…of life!

A creative approach to conflict - tips on negotiating within a protected conversation.

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